Stained Glass Dome

Our house was built in 1873 and my mom has just too much fun decorating in her traditional and extravagant style. My mom Kathie Jordan designed this dome and I recently completed it. No small task!

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Joe Tavella of Aphrodite’s Bodice…

Joe Tavella. The secret weapon of Aphrodite’s Bodice. This is another photo from our Gregg Allman show

16″ by 24″ – Oil on Board


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Meg Contini

16″ by 20″   If you’re a fan of this painting, then you’re probly JUST the kind of person that would dig Meg’s beautiful voice. Check out BF Soul if you know what’s good for ya!

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Startin’ to Feel the Shine

This is the first self portrait I’ve done. AND this picture is from the 2011 Kitchener Bluesfest when my band opened for Gregg Allman. What? Yes

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Soul Searching

A second portrait of the talented Steve Strongman. A very warm and charming picture don’t you think? and it’s sold!

20″ by 30″

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From time to time I KNOW a picture is going to turn out beautiful. How can ya go wrong when you paint a beautiful woman? There’s a tip for you kids just starting and wondering what to paint 😉 This one’s not for sale but I could make prints of it.

20″ by 16″

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Steve Strongman

Steve Strongman is a blues artist originally from Kitchener Ontario. If you want to hear some tasty guitar and some honest soul then check out Steve Strongman. Perrrrsonal friend o’mine

18″ by 24″ – $1,050 (framed and fabulous)

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Lily of the Valley

I love the paintings by John Waterhouse and this portrait of my beautiful friend Lily was done with Waterhouse in mind.

16″ by 20″ – $900 (framed)

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In Sweet Time

Aphrodite’s Bodice is a rock and roll band that I just so happen to be the co-captain of… This is our album cover! The inspiration for this painting comes from the music at hand and the story behind our album.

36″ by 30″

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