delete meMackenzie Jordan is a 23 year old artist from New Hamburg Ontario. He is an artist in many respects as he is also a songwriter and musician for rock and roll bands, and paints furniture in a wide variety of styles bringing new life to old pieces. Mackenzie started painting at age 18 and started by attending a class in Kitchener taught by local artist Michael Roth. Mackenzie finds inspiration in the romantic paintings by John Waterhouse, and he also likes to show his love for music in his artwork. Mackenzie continues to find inspiration in a number of different art forms. Art is art after all. By the way, Mackenzie is me. I am writing this bio in the third person and I would like to express to you all that I feel like a fraud doing so. But didn’t it make you think I was a very important artist and I wouldn’t have time to write my own bio, and someone else had to take care of it for me?


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